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You can enter and view your stats while on the course with a mobile device (ex. cell phone)! We now have internet pages for mobile devices created in WML (wireless markup language) version 1.1. This is the text based version that should work on most all mobile internet devices. If it doesn't then I'm sorry, but there's almost no way to get it to work for everyone. I can tell you it works on my Samsung a670 through Verizon wireless.


We hope this will be a way to provide valuable feedback about your game while you're on the course.


To get to the mobile site. Browse to www.wap.mobilegolfstats.com with your mobile device and log in.


This is what you'll see:


You have three options when you log in.   When you select the "View Stats" option you can find your average stats.          
    When entering a round you can select from a previously played course or find a course.   This shows the last 20 courses you've played   After you select a course you then pick which tee-box you're playing from.  
This is where the round is entered into the database.   For each hole it will show you the Par, Yards, and Handicap.   If you've played the course before it will show your average stats for the hole!   Then you scroll down and input your stats.  
        After you enter your stats you can go to hole 2 or go back and change something.   When you enter the last hole select done.  
It will give your total score and you can also view the round stats from here.              
The Edit Round option allows you to go in and change a round.           This list allows you to select which hole you wish to change.  

More about mobile internet...

WAP stands for Wireless Access Protocol, a general term used to describe the multi-layered protocol and related technologies that bring Internet content to mobile devices such as PDAs and cell phones.

WML (Wireless Markup Language) is the dominant language in use with wireless devices today. Essentially, WML is a subset of HTML, but has its roots in XML. Those developers with a solid base in XML should have a relatively easy time coding WML.

The current WML standard is 1.3, although many mobile devices in use today support only the WML 1.1 standard. Therefore it's prudent to stay away from 1.3-specific features, unless you know that your target market's devices are 1.3-ready.

More info found can be found here:





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