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Latest Equipment Reviews:  

Bang-O-Matic 460cc Drivers - bang o matic 

dgolfer3 - Handicap: 9 - Cost: 5.95 - Date: 2015-05-26

     "I just bought a bango matic driver. there are a lot of reviews of this club. I have not hit it yet, only paid 5.95 for it at a goodwill store. It looks almost..." (read more)


Tommy Armour Silver Scott Drivers - Tommy Armour Silver Scot Driver 

maildude - Handicap: 14.9 - Cost: 89.00 - Date: 2015-03-22

     "Not only does the Driver have a professional look, it has a great balanced feel. My club speed is in the 92 mph range on a good day and I get plenty of carry wi..." (read more)


Swing by Swing Android App GPS/Rangefinder - Swing by Swing App 

maildude - Handicap: 14.9 - Cost: Free - Date: 2015-03-22

     "I have been using Swing by Swing for several years. I find it very user friendly. It will indicate yardages well, close enough for any weekend handicapper, You ..." (read more)


- Noodle  

maildude - Handicap: 14.9 - Cost: 12.00 - Date: 2015-03-22

     "I find that the Noodle has a very good, soft feel from my irons. Driving distance my not be long, but the soft feel affords better control. ..." (read more)


Tommy Armour Silver Scott Irons - Tommy Armour Irons 

maildude - Handicap: 14.9 - Cost: 200.00 - Date: 2015-03-22

     "I received my Tommy Armour Silver Scot clubs as a Christmas gift. At first I was a bit skeptical, but after a few rounds I can say that I am very impressed. For..." (read more)


Cleveland 588 RTX Wedges - Great Accuracy 

CharlieSouthGolf - Handicap: 44.5 - Cost: 129.99 - Date: 2014-10-25

     "Good balance and great accuracy, an excellent backspin to maintain the ball on the green...." (read more)


Cleveland 588 RTX Wedges - Great Accuracy 

CharlieSouthGolf - Handicap: 44.5 - Cost: 129.99 - Date: 2014-10-25

     "Good balance and great accuracy, an excellent backspin to maintain the ball on the green. I have 56° sand wedge that came with my club set, but I prefer my..." (read more)


Dexter Any Shoes - poorly constructed product 

Brian V. - Handicap: - Cost: 40.00 - Date: 2014-06-29

     "I may have purchased this product a couple of years ago. I have only used them twice. They had less than five hours of use on them, when one shoe completely fel..." (read more)


Tech Line Scuff Rail Putters - tech line scuff rail putter review 

d b - Handicap: 10 - Cost: 35 - Date: 2014-06-04

     "Superb instrument! Weight feels very nice. It is slightly heavy. Almost mallet heavy. If you have not perfected your stroke this putter will make you feel like ..." (read more)


Nike Covert Tour 2.0 Hybrids - Nike Covert Tour 2.0 

nhs03jjp23 - Handicap: 6.9 - Cost: 229.00 - Date: 2014-03-23

     "I dont hit hybrids very often. Generally just for getting home on par fives. So when I was testing hybrids, the main thing I look for is distance. I tested this..." (read more)


Callaway X Hot Pro Irons - Callaway X Hot Pro 4-GW 

nhs03jjp23 - Handicap: 6.9 - Cost: 699.00 - Date: 2014-03-23

     "Much of the advertised and received "gain" in distance is due to stronger loft than most irons on the market. Most of the longer clubs in the set are ..." (read more)


Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 Putters - Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2.0 

nhs03jjp23 - Handicap: 6.9 - Cost: 350.00 - Date: 2014-03-23

     "Personally, I love this putter. I have putted considerably better since switching to this putter. However, putters are completely subjective to the person using..." (read more)


Callaway Prototype (Project X 6.0) Irons - Callaway X Prototype Driving Iron 18 Degree 

nhs03jjp23 - Handicap: 6.9 - Cost: 180.00 - Date: 2014-03-23

     " Great club to hit off the tee when its windy. Can easily control the flight, and its pretty forgiving for an iron. The appearance is a bit bulky but a great cl..." (read more)


TaylorMade SLDR Drivers - Taylor Made SLDR 

nhs03jjp23 - Handicap: 6.9 - Cost: 399.00 - Date: 2014-03-23

     "When Taylor Made released their second driver in less than a year I was very skeptical. I thought it was ultra gimmicky and that they were just trying to sell c..." (read more)


Cleveland 588 RTX Wedges - Excellent 

CharlieSouthGolf - Handicap: 62.3 - Cost: 109,99 - Date: 2014-02-25

     "Great performance, very accurately. The mistakes were mine, not the club..." (read more)


Cleveland 588 RTX Wedges - Excellent 

CharlieSouthGolf - Handicap: 62.3 - Cost: 109,99 - Date: 2014-02-25

     "Great performance, very accurately. The mistakes were mine, not the club..." (read more)


Callaway RAZR X Hybrids - Great Balance, Good Distance 

CharlieSouthGolf - Handicap: 62.3 - Cost: - Date: 2014-02-25

     "Great balance between shaft and head. Easy to play. Nice shots...." (read more)


Wilson R20 Wedges - Wilson R-20 Wedge 

Jim - Handicap: 11 - Cost: - Date: 2014-02-02

     "Very versatile wedge. Easy out of sand and good workability from all likes around the green. Companies have tried, but not improved on this classic design...." (read more)


TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 10.5 degree Drivers - Awesome Driver 

jw - Handicap: 15.1 - Cost: 165 - Date: 2013-09-18

     "Upgraded from a Ping G5 to this club last year. Man what a difference. This thing is a lot easier to hit. I'm not sure if it just fits my swing better or it's t..." (read more)


Titleist Stand Bag Bags - Very Well Made 

jw - Handicap: 15.1 - Cost: 125 - Date: 2013-09-17

     "I got one of these bags way back in 2002. I still use it to this day. Very well made...." (read more)


Cleveland CG Red Irons - Don't overpay!! 

NGreiner - Handicap: 15.2 - Cost: 200 - Date: 2013-06-08

     "I bought these off a friend for trade in value 4 years ago for 200. Best purchase ever, they're a little out of my skill range but great clubs when you hit the ..." (read more)


Adams Idea Tech V4 Hybrids - Adams Idea Tech V4 4-Hybrid 

65CooperS - Handicap: 20.6 - Cost: - Date: 2013-03-29

     "Adams have outdone themselves with their Tech V4 line. The new cut-through slot works like a charm, delivering an instant 10% increase in distance over my a12OS..." (read more)


TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 Hybrids - Taylormade 2.0 Rescue 21* Review 

DenvysSon - Handicap: 22.3 - Cost: 75.00 - Date: 2012-06-09

     "These Rescue clubs are the bomb! If you have any problems with long irons, hybrids save your money trying out all the other clubs and get these. You won't be so..." (read more)


Odyssey Divine Mini-T Putters - My "divine" club 

HeatherH99 - Handicap: 42.5 - Cost: 135 - Date: 2012-06-03

     "I love my putter. I like the grip, it is very comfortable and I like the weight...." (read more)


Adams a70s Hybrids - Adams A12OS 

65CooperS - Handicap: 23.6 - Cost: - Date: 2012-02-19

     "I switched to the new A12OS w/lite flex (seniors) shafts (from same spec Adams A7OS) a month ago. Got them just a few days before we headed to San Diego from no..." (read more)


TaylorMade TP Forged Japan Irons - Tremendous 

michaelw - Handicap: 19.2 - Cost: - Date: 2012-01-07

     "one word Tremendous******************** ..." (read more)


SUN MOUNTAIN MIURA Bags - Miura 3.5 stand bag 

Greer - Handicap: -0- - Cost: 289.00 - Date: 2011-12-05

     "Play "Miura irons) I know your company produces two bag with the Miura logo, however there is not near enough protection as far as separation of sections and po..." (read more)


Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putters - Great Putter***** 

michaelw - Handicap: 19.2 - Cost: - Date: 2011-09-07

     "Each design is based on Scotty's experience working with the best players in the world. Scotty Cameron by Titleist putters have been #1 on the PGA Tour since 19..." (read more)


TaylorMade Penta TP Balls - greatest ball for premium control and distance 

gi4life - Handicap: 4.2 - Cost: 39.00 - Date: 2011-09-06

     "never seen a ball that hits and stops within a yard of the carry distance, from long irons to wedges... Played them all, PV1x, Pv1, callaway, ect. the Penta is ..." (read more)


Adams a70s Hybrids - Love my Adams a7OS hybrids 

65CooperS - Handicap: 14.8 - Cost: - Date: 2011-07-11

     "I'm a high handicap senior who only started playing golf 4 years ago. I used a mish-mash of used clubs for first 6 months, took some lessons and bought a set of..." (read more)


Wilson Fat Shafts Irons - Nice Clubs 

Billybzn - Handicap: 24.9 - Cost: 800 (So - Date: 2011-07-01

     "These really help my game and are very forgiving I have the graphite shafts and I really enjoy using them..." (read more)


Odyssey White Hot #1 Putters - Nice 

Billybzn - Handicap: 24.9 - Cost: 50 Sout - Date: 2011-07-01

     "Very nice putter which gets the ball rolling onto target very quickly after impact...." (read more)


TaylorMade Tour Burner TP 10.5 Drivers - happy golfer 

michaelw - Handicap: 19.2 - Cost: - Date: 2011-06-28

     "Big increases in driving distance and accuracy :):):)..." (read more)


Warrior Golf 3 Hybrids - love it 

jody36 - Handicap: 47 - Cost: 19.99 - Date: 2011-05-29

     "got the promotional warrior 3 hybrid couldn't be happier..." (read more)


Ogio Octane Stand Bags - A Great Bag! 

gbuffett - Handicap: 7.8 - Cost: 149.99 - Date: 2011-04-05

     "I like this bag a lot. But to be fair, I never had a quality golf bag before this one. I like the 'cooler' pockets for keeping drinks cold. Plenty of pockets/ro..." (read more)


TaylorMade Burner Plus - Steel Shaft Irons - Taylor Made Burner Plus 

gbuffett - Handicap: 7.8 - Cost: 399.99 - Date: 2011-04-05

     "A longer hitting iron than my previous set (Ping Eye2). I like the look and feel of these irons. From other 'out of box' irons I looked at, they appeared to hav..." (read more)


Acuity RCX Bags - Bag cheap and poor design 

Tim - Handicap: - Cost: 69 - Date: 2011-03-31

     "Bottom of my bag dry rotted and broke after 3 years of use and i only play golf 3-4 times a year. Very disappointed in this bag, Acuity, and Dick's Sporting go..." (read more)


Ping Karsten I Irons - Ping Karsten I 

DenysSon - Handicap: 19.8 - Cost: 50 - Date: 2011-02-19

     "So far so good! Did loose some distance with the 7-9 irons, but that was because who ever had these clubs before added more loft to the clubs. adjusted my game,..." (read more)


Titleist Pro V1 Balls - This golf ball is great! 

evan67 - Handicap: 0 - Cost: 49 - Date: 2011-02-16

     "Incredible. Tremendous feel especially when Im near the greens. My long irons i can hit a lot better with more spin. Driving distance has improved too. Whenever..." (read more)


DynaFlite 2505 Irons - dynafite 2505 iron heads 

John Ellis - Handicap: 12 - Cost: 27 for - Date: 2011-01-31

     "I love the looks of these heads and the playability is pretty decent also. One major problem in my opinion is that you have to really really hit down on the bal..." (read more)


Ping G2 Drivers - Ping G2 8.5* driver 

jflinn30 - Handicap: 0 - Cost: 100 - Date: 2011-01-09

     "I hit this driver very well, but recently broke the shaft which was a Graffaloy Blue stiff shaft and I'm replaceing it with a Graffaloy Platinum stiff shaft, ho..." (read more)


Callaway X-20 Irons - Callaway Irons 

christol - Handicap: 8.3 - Cost: 449.00 - Date: 2011-01-04

     "Having used the irons for a full season now, I have to say I am very happy with them. They are solid, can draw when I want but I have to be careful of overdoin..." (read more)


Callaway X Fairway Woods - Callaway X 3 Wood 

christol - Handicap: 8.3 - Cost: - Date: 2011-01-04

     "Can't really rate the club fairly. I picked it up in the off season as I had nothing between my driver and Hybrids. Course I usually play on didn't really nee..." (read more)


Chico Martuz Tomahawk Putters - putter 

[email protected] - Handicap: - Cost: - Date: 2010-12-20

     "How do I find value of the original Chico Martuz Tomahawk putter. ..." (read more)


KinBag KinBag Bags - Best golfbag there is!!! 

Rob Mulder - Handicap: 14 - Cost: 675.00 - Date: 2010-08-29

     "To my opinion the Kinbag golfbag is the best bag there is. Over the 24 years I play golf I have my second golfbag for the last 12 years and it has served me ver..." (read more)


TaylorMade Tour Burner 8.5 Drivers - Tour Burner 8.5 

jmiller065 - Handicap: 4 - Cost: - Date: 2010-08-04

     "This is a good club the looks are nice and the face is pretty hot. The only down falls to this driver are the following. 1) The face angle is 1deg closed in ..." (read more)


cobra S9-1 Pro, Diamana White Board 73x Fairway Woods - S9-1 Pro (3 wood 15deg) 

jmiller065 - Handicap: 4 - Cost: - Date: 2010-08-03

     "The head is smaller which is not a problem for me in a fairway wood. It's not a game improvement club and is geared for the lower handicap. I rated the forgiven..." (read more)


TaylorMade Rescue Dual TP Hybrids - Recue Dual TP (16 deg) 

jmiller065 - Handicap: 4 - Cost: - Date: 2010-08-03

     "This is an older model but it still is bettor then majority of the hybrids that I have hit. I use it as a gap between my 4iron and 3 wood, yardage comes out to ..." (read more)


- SpeedLine 9064LS 9.5 

jmiller065 - Handicap: 4 - Cost: - Date: 2010-08-03

     "This is the newest Adams driver on the market. An all black head and face makes this club look amazing! it comes with either the Aldila RIP Alpha or RIP Gamma t..." (read more)


- Dopeness 

jpensabene - Handicap: 23.9 - Cost: 79 - Date: 2010-07-27

     "Absolutely love this hybrid. Grat purchase. I went to Golf Smith and hit about 6 hybrids over and over. Including the Maxfli ones that came with my set, i ha..." (read more)


Titleist AP1 Irons - great 

thommo - Handicap: 0 - Cost: 200/clu - Date: 2010-06-14

     "this club is great, i only use the AP1 from 8 to W, for mor feel around the greens..." (read more)


TaylorMade R9 460 Drivers - awsome 

thommo - Handicap: 0 - Cost: 400 - Date: 2010-06-14

     "I have never owned a driver like the R9 i hit it longer, i can contol more tee shots, although it has changed my usual ball flight, the day i took it to the ran..." (read more)


Titleist Vokey Wedges - excllent wedge 

thommo - Handicap: 0 - Cost: 190 - Date: 2010-06-14

     "the vokey wedge has unbeleiveable ball control, i was having trouble stopping the ball with my old wedges, it took some practice but it made a difference straig..." (read more)


TaylorMade Penta TP Balls - Best ball ive ever used 

Foxy - Handicap: 2 - Cost: 20 for - Date: 2010-05-22

     "Excellent Ball. It takes off maybe 2-3 yards distance, but remains consistant off the clubface. Around the greens, it is lights out. Spin back is excellent, tre..." (read more)


Titleist AP1 Irons - Pretty Dang good clubs 

Foxy - Handicap: 2 - Cost: - Date: 2010-05-22

     "Great club. Now that my game is starting to come around, I'll be looking into the forged AP2's. But these clubs have been excellent for the 2 years I have had t..." (read more)


FootJoy GreenJoy Shoes - Nice Shoes 

Demo User - Handicap: 6.6 - Cost: 55 - Date: 2010-05-20

     "I've had these shoes for around 4 years now, granted I don't play a whole lot of rounds a year, but they've held up well. I would recommend them to anyone looki..." (read more)


- Good Driver but get new shaft! 

ugahater715 - Handicap: 6.5 - Cost: 180 - Date: 2010-05-19

     "Very good Driver. 9 points Technology makes it a very forgiving driver. However the Matrix Ozik factory shaft is garbage. Put in a Harrision Saga and made all t..." (read more)


Top Flite D2 Feel Balls - D2 Feel Well Worth the Money! 

jw - Handicap: 15.6 - Cost: - Date: 2010-05-17

     "I picked up a box of the Top Flite D2 Feel at Walmart the other day. Only $7 for 15 balls. I thought surely at that price these won't be worth anything on the c..." (read more)


- Pinemeadow Hybrid Putter / Chipper 

Randizzle - Handicap: 25.9 - Cost: 29.99 - Date: 2010-05-06

     "Good looking club with the mirror finish face, I feel more confident when I can see under the back of the ball when I line up my shot. Good feel and balance. Ni..." (read more)


TaylorMade Monza Rossa Putters - Great Putter 

jstillson - Handicap: 26.1 - Cost: 45 - Date: 2010-04-28

     "Putter is a great putter. Currently use both 9 weights in the back. Swings are nice and smooth, great feedback on good hits. Would highly recommend this putte..." (read more)


TaylorMade RAC HT Irons - Highly Recommended Irons 

jstillson - Handicap: 26.1 - Cost: 101 - Date: 2010-04-28

     "Picked these up after swinging the Taylormade Burner Oversized irons for a year. I have no problem getting these irons up in the air. The distance is just star..." (read more)


TaylorMade R580 Drivers - Undecided on this club still 

jstillson - Handicap: 26.1 - Cost: 25 - Date: 2010-04-28

     "Still undecided on this club. I carry this driver and my Yonex 350-mass. I have trouble trying to rip this one into the fairway on some days, while my Yonex i..." (read more)


Diamond Tour Grand Hawk I-Cube Drivers - Grand Hawk I-Cube Great Value! 

nkohs4141 - Handicap: 22.7 - Cost: 44.95 - Date: 2010-04-10

     "This is a really good club for the price. It is 460cc but the club face is a little undersized, especially for a square driver. This leads to more errant tee ..." (read more)


Nike Mojo Balls - Nike Mojo cheapest Nike! 

nkohs4141 - Handicap: 22.7 - Cost: 19.95 - Date: 2010-04-10

     "I bought a 24 pack of Nike Mojo for a good deal of only 19.95 at WalMart at the end of last season. I do not like these balls. I played a Nike Karma in the pa..." (read more)


Nike Nike Carry bag Bags - Nike Bags Great Durability 

nkohs4141 - Handicap: 22.7 - Cost: 109 - Date: 2010-04-10

     "This bag has been with me for around 3 years now. It has taken a beating in terms of weather, being in the garage every winter and so on. The bag cleans up ni..." (read more)


FootJoy Weather Sof Gloves - Good Glove for only 10$$$ 

nkohs4141 - Handicap: 22.7 - Cost: 9.50 - Date: 2010-04-10

     "This is the lowest priced FootJoy glove available at my home course so I but it every time I have a hole in my last one. This is a very reliable glove for unde..." (read more)


BITE Golf X Shoes - Cheap Golf Shoes.. 

nkohs4141 - Handicap: 22.7 - Cost: 29.50 - Date: 2010-04-10

     "I was looking for any shoes in size 14. They are very difficult I may add. I came along these and they were so well priced I had to give them a try. The fit ..." (read more)


Diamond Tour T+ Triumph Irons - Great Mid-Size Irons for the Price 

nkohs4141 - Handicap: 22.7 - Cost: 149.99 - Date: 2010-04-10

     "This iron set is a clone based off of the Nike Victory Red full cavity set. They are decent replicas and I have the stiff steel shafts on my set. I am a very ..." (read more)


Diamond Tour Inazone ZH Putters - Don't waste your money on Odyssey putters! 

nkohs4141 - Handicap: 22.7 - Cost: 29.95 - Date: 2010-04-10

     "Of all of the Diamond tour clubs I have used, the putter is the cream of the crop. I got an Odyssey White hot 2 ball putter for my birthday 3 years ago. It wa..." (read more)


Slazenger Wrath Fairway Woods - 3 Wood 

Randizzle - Handicap: 58.3 - Cost: - Date: 2010-03-28

     "Came with set, good set, replaced the Driver..." (read more)


Precept Laddie Balls - Great beginner ball 

LeifTerry - Handicap: 34.8 - Cost: 10.95 - Date: 2010-03-08

     "Got a box for Christmas and having been played some of my best games ever with them. Coincidence? Probably. But these are my new favorites. Comparable to other ..." (read more)


Orlimar Arctic Bags - ARTIC CHILLED BEER 

DezertDweller - Handicap: 27.8 - Cost: 98 - Date: 2010-03-03



Cobra S9 Irons - I'm happy 

CTW6237 - Handicap: 0 - Cost: 500 - Date: 2010-02-18

     "I purchased my set used so the price is off. Overall I have been happy with the set. I like the back strip along the top of the face so it does not look has bul..." (read more)


Warrior Golf 3,5,7 woods Fairway Woods - Warrior Golf 3,5,7 fairway woods 

txrebel - Handicap: 16.4 - Cost: - Date: 2010-01-18

     "These are great clubs. Have removed the 3-4 irons from my set with the 5-7 woods. All three clubs get the ball in the air easily. ..." (read more)


Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Wedges - Great addition to the bag 

Mike - Handicap: 10 - Cost: - Date: 2009-10-06

     "I have played with both the X-forged Callaway wedges and the Titleist Vokey spin milled wedges. I get the feel of more control and confidence with the...(More) ..." (read more)


Titleist Cart Bag S-85 Bags - Titleist Cart Bag S-85 

Steveberrywv - Handicap: 18.5 - Cost: 129.99 - Date: 2009-09-13

     "This light-weight cart bag is one of the best I have used in 30 years of golfing. 14 way club divider, keeps shafts safe.There are enough pockets to keep almost..." (read more)


Titleist Pro V1 Balls - Titleist Pro V1 Ball 

Steveberrywv - Handicap: 18.5 - Cost: 44.99 - Date: 2009-09-13

     "You pay for what you expect with this ball. If you want to work the ball and not give up on feel, this is your ball. Have used these for the last 4 years and ha..." (read more)


FootJoy Contour Shoes - FootJoy Contour Shoes 

Steveberrywv - Handicap: 18.5 - Cost: 99 - Date: 2009-09-13

     "This is the best shoe you will ever wear. Comfort and durability is what makes this shoe unique. It is the most comfortable shoe, work or golf, that you will ev..." (read more)


Ben Hogan AHS Irons - Ben Hogan AHS Irons 

Steveberrywv - Handicap: 18.5 - Cost: 300.00 - Date: 2009-09-13

     "Can't hit your irons, try these. This is a club, whether it is the 4 iron or the PW, you will be able to place your iron shots with accuracy. The weighting of t..." (read more)


TaylorMade Taylor Made Burner Fairway Woods - Taylor Made 3-Wood 

Steveberrywv - Handicap: 18.5 - Cost: 150.00 - Date: 2009-09-13

     "When I purchase this 3 wood I was looking for a club that gave me great control and feel , but did not sacarfice distance. I found it in this club. With a regul..." (read more)


Nike SasQuatch Fairway Woods - SQ 4-Wood 

Steveberrywv - Handicap: 18.5 - Cost: 0.00 - Date: 2009-09-13

     "Was given this club by a good friend. It has been one of my go to clubs. Accuracy and distance is this clubs middle name. I find myself reaching for this club ..." (read more)


TaylorMade Burner Draw Drivers - Taylor Made Burner Draw 10.5* 

Steveberrywv - Handicap: 18.5 - Cost: 0.00 - Date: 2009-09-13

     "Given to me by my cousin, this driver rocks. Distance and forgiveness is this clubs biggest asset. I have a constance slice, but since taking this club and usi..." (read more)


Cobra 3100 I/H, Reg Flex Steel Shaft Irons - Great Value 

jw - Handicap: 15.6 - Cost: 220 - Date: 2009-08-18

     "These were my first set of name brand clubs. A major improvement over the callaway big bertha clones I was playing. Very easy to hit with good distance. Cobra g..." (read more)


Ping Anser 2i Putters - Nice Putter 

jw - Handicap: 15 - Cost: 50 - Date: 2009-08-12

     "Got this putter used from Edwin Watts a few years ago. Always been a good putter for me. I think you can tell how good a club is by whether or not you want to r..." (read more)


Adams Idea Pro Hybrids - Great Clubs 

WL - Handicap: 16 - Cost: - Date: 2009-08-10

     "The Adams IDEA Pro Gold hybrids work great for me. I have the 20, 18, and 16 degree clubs and hit them 200, 220, and 235 yards respectively. For reference...(Mo..." (read more)


TaylorMade Taylor Made Tour Burner 10.5 Drivers - Great driver 

Patrick - Handicap: 10 - Cost: - Date: 2009-08-10

     "Purchased the Burner TP a month ago and I am really liking it. Unfortunately, I hurt my shoulder, and haven't been able to really swing it like it needs...(More..." (read more)


TaylorMade Tour Burner Irons - Great Clubs !!! 

Ian - Handicap: 8 - Cost: - Date: 2009-08-10

     "These clubs have moderate profile at address and are easy to hit. I seem to get 5 to 8 yards more with 6-3 iron. The PW-7 seems to be the same distance...(More)..." (read more)


TaylorMade Tour Burner Irons - A very dependable set of irons 

Robert - Handicap: 6 - Cost: - Date: 2009-08-10

     "I play probably 2-3 times a week and got my handicap down to singal digits. My irons were old, and i realized they were costing me some strokes. I've...(More) h..." (read more)


Nike SQ Sumo Hybrids - Nike Sumo SQ Hybrid 3 & 4... 

Craig - Handicap: 18 - Cost: - Date: 2009-08-10

     "Been golfing for around 9 years now. Have a nice set of Mizuno MP-29's. Have always had a little more trouble hitting the 3 & 4 irons as well as the...(More) re..." (read more)


TaylorMade Burner Drivers - Great Drive .. Even better price 

TheRealDeFo - Handicap: 23.36 - Cost: 179 - Date: 2009-07-03

     "I just upgraded from a Mizuno MX500 and the difference is insane. I'm getting over 20 to 30 yards more on my drives. I purchased the 08 driver in the spring, ..." (read more)


Callaway Hot Bite Balls - Least durability I've ever seen 

LeifTerry - Handicap: 34.83 - Cost: free - Date: 2009-06-30

     "Got a sleeve as a promo. Maybe it was a bad batch, but the balls were showing extreme wear after a few holes. I had to switch to a different brand to play the b..." (read more)


TaylorMade V Steel Fairway Woods - Very Nice Fairway Wood 

jw - Handicap: 16.19 - Cost: 65 - Date: 2009-06-24

     "I've got the 3W and 5W. My 3W has the regular flex steel shaft and the 5W has the regular flex graphite. I like both clubs, but I really love the 5W. Both clubs..." (read more)


Nike Sumo2 5900 Drivers - New Golfer Review 

texas0418 - Handicap: 43.22 - Cost: 149.00 - Date: 2009-06-15

     "I had borrowed a driver my first two rounds of golf, since I am new at this and don't know much. I seem to slice the ball quite often. A friend suggested this d..." (read more)


Sun Mountain MPB Bags - Love it. 

Borya - Handicap: 25.89 - Cost: 160 - Date: 2009-05-29

     "Amazing comfortable bag with dual shoulder straps. enough pockets to go camping. spare umbrella shaft that can double as a putter holder. ..." (read more)


Cleveland 588 Wedges - Awesome 

jw - Handicap: 16.19 - Cost: 55 - Date: 2009-05-19

     "Absolutely love this club. I use it for everything 100 yards and in. Except for long chips. It's great out of the sand and around the green. I was playing the C..." (read more)


TaylorMade Burner Drivers - TaylorMade Burner 

Borya - Handicap: 25.89 - Cost: 95 - Date: 2009-05-13

     "Amazing club, large sweet spot, light but sturdy. great bargain...." (read more)


Ping G5 Drivers - Overall a nice driver to have. 

jw - Handicap: 16.19 - Cost: 225 - Date: 2009-05-11

     "I got a Ping G5 for Christmas back in 07. It's got the Aldila NV 65 Regular Flex shaft. The last driver I had was the old Hippo 400cc made famous by John Daly. ..." (read more)


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