Shoulder Turn

So far this year I have been having a problem with all of my shots going straight to the right, not a slice, but it seems like I am pushing everything right. At the range on Sunday, I was working with an instructor that found out what the problem was in ten minutes. I was basically jamming myself on follow-through, not allowing the clubface to be square at impact. He had me work on moving my front foot out a little and concentrate on getting my left shoulder through and allow the club to come in behind it.It Continue reading

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teaching over new clubs

I havn’t been around in a long time but I figured today that I would touch on the concept of a club being the reason for the mistakes that we make on the golf course. I havn’t been playing and practicing that much because of the winter months like a majority of people in the united states that live above the Mason Dixie line. Even in South Carolina we have had a cold and nasty winter, so it’s not just effected the northern states this year.

First I want to say that if you are a mid to high handicapper more thenlikely Continue reading

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Keeping Focus Over 18 Holes

I recently had a round that just went to complete garbage after 9 holes. I lost my focus making the turn. So it brought me to wanting to reflect on that matter. I only made one mistake on the front 9 where a hooked a ball off the tee left and couldn’t find it in the trees on the left, there is water right side so right is even worse then left, it’s a demanding tee shot to open hole 2 a par 5. I took a double boogie after taking a drop I saw it cross the the lateral hazardon Continue reading

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Breaking 80

As the Title says, I finally broke 80 this year!

After a year full of near misses and disappointments, I finally got the job done. When you set a high goal for yourself as becoming a scratch or bettor player, you start to become more humble when you can’t break 80 even. Really I just needed to focus on setting an intermediate goals for myself to get one step closer to my over all goal.

I play a rather difficult golf course on a regular basis. Course rating of 75.3 and slope of 145 from the tips. given i shoot a 79 mynew Continue reading

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Making the most of practice

I was looking at my stats yesterday. It had dawned on me that some people may not know how to take their stats and find the weakest part of their game and work on that. By knowing what to work on you can make more out of your lessons and your practice time. The following depends on the fact that you are honest in reporting your stats and scores. Stats are not worth the page they are displayed on if they are not real numbers and are skewed in some way shape or forum. If you carry a “vanity handicap” whereyou Continue reading

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Driver Technology

So i have been in the market for a new driver. And it got me thinking about the adjustable face angles on drivers. I think that is by far the biggest marketing ploy i have seen in golf technology yet! Lets take TaylorMade (TM) for example since they were the first to come out with it. The original R9 had a dead face and everyone lost 15+ yards on the club from the r7superquad or the tour burner/ burner models.

I went and hit the “supertri” and “superdeep” both were just flat out dead looked like they have not changed a dangthing Continue reading

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2 steps backwards

As the title said since my last blog about becoming scratch or bettor I have taken two steps backwards. I am unable to play as much as I used to and I find that I get more out of my practice when it’s on a golf course rather then a driving range. As a lot of people I’m not a big fan of being a “range rat” however it will help when you have little time to play, stopping by your club on the way home from work to hit a few balls each day working on one specific thing inyour Continue reading

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Tiger’s Return

Tiger Woods returns to action for the 2010 Masters at Augusta National. After a long and much needed layoff to get his personal life back under control (which all of us have to do from time to time) he will walk the fairways at Augusta. The timing couldn’t have been any better. The ratings of PGA Tour events so far this season are extremely low. Tiger brings something to the game of golf no one before ever has…fear. I campare him to Michael Jordan because when Jordan walked on to the court, you knew it wasgoing Continue reading

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Open Your Stance When Your Putting Goes Awry

Putting touch can come and go. In other articles I have addressed some possible on the course corrections for when your touch is off on any given day. But what about when your distance is pretty good, but you can’t seem to get the ball started on the right line?

Chances are if you are missing your line consistently one way or the other you are simply misaligned. You can try to make a small adjustment to correct your alignment, but this is very difficult to do on the course.

If you are missing your line on both sides, it is a signof Continue reading

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Lets talk belly putters….

I recently made a switch from traditional to belly, and so far have loved the results. My stance was out of whack, wrists too involved, and I obviously had trouble making putts. It occured to me that solving many recreational golfers problems with a belly putter seems like an easy solution. Or as Hank Haney described,

“In a normal putting stroke, both ends of the putter can move off line. By anchoring the butt of the club in your stomach with a belly putter, you guarantee that only one end of the club is moving. That makes for a much steadier stroke,especially Continue reading

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