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Titleist ProV1 Recycled Golf Balls (Pack of 48)


Titleist ProV1 Recycled Golf Balls (Pack of 48)

Our Price: $56.99

Average Customer Rating:
7.12 out of 10

  • Improve your accuracy and distance with this pack of 48 golf balls
  • Titleist golf equipment will help you hit more fairways and greens
  • Recycled golf balls offer the same playability as if they were new out of the sleeve
  • Balls are mid-grade quality with some blemishes and player markings
  • Set includes two packs of 24 golf balls (total of 48)

Manufacturer: Titleist

BrandName: Titleist

Materials: Rubber, surlyn

Catalog #: 11357379

Model No: C-24BX Titleist PROV1

Dimensions: n/a

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 Product Reviews  (Review This Product)
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Total Reviews: 9 Average: 7.12/10

Overall Rating:
6 out of 10  

Title: 24 golf balls, 2009-05-26, prov1user, Mankato, MN

Description: Upon recieving my 48 golf balls I was very surprised to see only 24 Titleist PROV1 balls (which is what I ordered), the other 24 golf balls were Titleist PROV1X golf balls. I was a bit disappointed in that, but none the less all the balls were in very good condition. I have suggested already to my golfing freinds that if they enjoy playing Titleist golf balls that this is a pretty good deal.

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Overall Rating:
2 out of 10  

Title: used, old balls, 2008-11-08, humvee, 

Description: Upon receipt of these balls they looked good in the package; however, once you get them on the tee you notice that they are discolored meaning they have been sitting around for a long, long time. They don't respond when hit, pretty much dead balls. I will not purchase them again.

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Overall Rating:
4 out of 10  

Title: donman40, 2008-07-17, donman40, Memphis, TN

Description: These are very low grade balls that look like they have been fished out of lakes. They were cut and the paint peeling off of most of them.........very disapointing. The feel is not good around the green, they are however the new version of the Pro V so at least that part was ok.

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Overall Rating:
8 out of 10  

Title: Great ball at great value, 2008-08-14, paintergin, Watercolorgirl

Description: When i ordered these, I expected them to have some nicks and dirt. They looked great and hit like a pro V. My husband is still working on getting them on the fairway far and straight but, it's not the ball - that's GOLF!!

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Overall Rating:
8 out of 10  

Title: recycled golf balls, 2009-08-27, awesomeamanda, Easthampton, MA

Description: The balls are clearly an excellent price, however many balls were not just scratched, but gouged. Once the terrible ones are removed from the mix, there are still enough decent/good balls to make this a very good deal.

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Overall Rating:
10 out of 10  

Title: refurbish, 2009-08-27, dartman1, 

Description: The golf balls i ordered are just what i expected. Overstock.com did not mislead me in any way. They explained what the golf balls were like and i did not expect them to be new ones. Thanks

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Overall Rating:
10 out of 10  

Title: Excellent balls, 2008-07-21, HarrisonTaylor, Texas

Description: Titleist Pro V1s do not cut or peel! I've bought from this company and have always been pleased. They guarantee their balls.

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Overall Rating:
8 out of 10  

Title: Reload golf balls, 2009-07-08, tkfccf, Maine

Description: Overall the balls were in good shape. Some with more scratches than I would have liked.

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